Thursday, May 01, 2014


When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing that comes to mind?  Is it Obama care, maybe you ponder about the illuminati or the coming of the Anti Christ?

Doubt it!
More than likely you're only thinking of  "bathroom"  and the need to release that bladder. 
Truth is...( and I am not lying) our first concerns are our reality, the others are only distractions created to keep you from seeing the world's reality and the devastations being done to this planet, all for the love of money.

The real criminals are the ones committing the atrocities against our planet, for what we will term CAPITAL.  They are the bullies of the playground, all grown up, physically,  you know the type, they take advantage of those who want to help humanity (the industrialists, the creators, the inventors and the free thinkers); still they are stealing everyone's  "lunch money" and pilfering ideas from their "friends", that is the capitalists then and today.  It could be said that their mothers are to blame, not teaching them how to share and play fair.  But they are adults  ot children, blame can only carry on so long, before you have to put your boots on and wade through the sludge and deal with it.  So you see what we have here are a bunch of brats who are out of control, struggling to gain and maintain control in society and the world.

(Beat  on the brat, Beat on the brat, Beat on the Brat with a baseball bat...Oh yeah)

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