Thursday, May 01, 2014


When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing that comes to mind?  Is it Obama care, maybe you ponder about the illuminati or the coming of the Anti Christ?

Doubt it!
More than likely you're only thinking of  "bathroom"  and the need to release that bladder. 
Truth is...( and I am not lying) our first concerns are our reality, the others are only distractions created to keep you from seeing the world's reality and the devastations being done to this planet, all for the love of money.

The real criminals are the ones committing the atrocities against our planet, for what we will term CAPITAL.  They are the bullies of the playground, all grown up, physically,  you know the type, they take advantage of those who want to help humanity (the industrialists, the creators, the inventors and the free thinkers); still they are stealing everyone's  "lunch money" and pilfering ideas from their "friends", that is the capitalists then and today.  It could be said that their mothers are to blame, not teaching them how to share and play fair.  But they are adults  ot children, blame can only carry on so long, before you have to put your boots on and wade through the sludge and deal with it.  So you see what we have here are a bunch of brats who are out of control, struggling to gain and maintain control in society and the world.

(Beat  on the brat, Beat on the brat, Beat on the Brat with a baseball bat...Oh yeah)

where do


4/20 National Weed Anthem (2013) Official Mary Jane Freestyle

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Losing My Religion

 People tend to think of a leader as a person who’s well connected, powerful and wealthy.  Judging  leaders by what they have, when we should be  looking at what they do not have, or display :  Ego, arrogance, and self‑interest. 
True leaders view their work as a self‑less service for a higher purpose and bigger picture.   Because leadership is not power and dominance. It is servitude.
When I  hear and see the back patters jumping to attention at every word of a "leader", they're  wearing hats with bells and doing cartwheels.  Jesters prepping the audience.  
If you really want IT to be different ,  you have to make a difference, first is to be different.  
Put one foot in front of the other and soon you'll be walking out the door!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

To All My Relations

This phrase gets tossed around so freely, the meaning lost, with out a second thought.
It is disheartening to speak these words, the meaning lost to those you're trying to reach.
I can honestly say these words and be speaking to ALL tribal members.  Because I am related to each and everyone of you.  If you question this, as you should and I hope you do, feel free to check it out.
Several years ago I received documents printed from the BIA data base, but they're lost today, having been loaned out and destroyed in a fire. However thanks to technology today it is all in a database at the Tulalip Museum.
 This was something that I didn't want to brag about it, but it must be told now.
 I am here to help my people, always have been, I am related to all...
I am not running this year, but I am next year ....
So when I speak out and say to all my relations...I am speaking to people....


I do not understand the evil
The insatiable need 
I cannot lay claim
To any evil deed
For I speak true
from mind and heart 
Doesn't take a genius
To tell us apart
Yet still you waver
Fear to stand tall
I wonder if you know
Anything at all

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Those poor Lemmings!

Most people have seen the Walt Disney Lemmings Movie. If you haven't, you can view the jumping portion of footage here:  Walt Disney won the documentary Oscar award for this film in 1958.  Really....
Did you know Walt Disney (and his film crew) coerced the Lemmings into jumping off the cliff..Yep, those little Lemmings had no choice but to jump. The film was created when they went out to study the body movements and characteristics of the animals together.  I wonder if he rescued the Lemmings that jumped in the water?  Or did they just enjoy the control they had over the animals...ultimately running them to their demise?
Yes I'm definitely Looking into this, I seen this movie not only on television, but also in the public school and the Catholic school  I had attended. Why would they use a piece of film that was a pack of lies?  
It could've been Disney was pushing and testing the waters of deception.  Creating lies and spoon feeding it to the people and they bought it....
Think about it....
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