Thursday, June 20, 2013

To All My Relations

This phrase gets tossed around so freely, the meaning lost, with out a second thought.
It is disheartening to speak these words, the meaning lost to those you're trying to reach.
I can honestly say these words and be speaking to ALL tribal members.  Because I am related to each and everyone of you.  If you question this, as you should and I hope you do, feel free to check it out.
Several years ago I received documents printed from the BIA data base, but they're lost today, having been loaned out and destroyed in a fire. However thanks to technology today it is all in a database at the Tulalip Museum.
 This was something that I didn't want to brag about it, but it must be told now.
 I am here to help my people, always have been, I am related to all...
I am not running this year, but I am next year ....
So when I speak out and say to all my relations...I am speaking to people....

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