Monday, October 29, 2012

STFU its still FU ....Back in the Day

Why ?
I always ask this to the air above anyone listening?

I can recall when I first noticed the bull chit here at Tulalip, it was 1993-4.

Contently, I sat in my small office, facing a wall with a window that allowed me to look out at my daughter at playtime.  This "job"  was all good, not in my plan, but helped none the less.  I knew only the name Unix.  But I knew several programming languages, so when I looked at their system, and seen it was so very basic, so simple it was a joke.  I looked at the book the Indian Guy,  had tossed at me, "Unix for dummies", now I seen the humor in the title.   Poor ""Indian Guy", the empire builder wannabe.  I remember him asking me "Who ARE you?" , with a snidely smile.  Ewwwww, how it still creeps me out.

 Little did I know, he was meeting, planning and sabotaging the computer equipment with the "girls of CHS",  behind my back.  Quite crazy and paranoid on their part.  I had no idea  why or what possibly drove them to this, but fear.  Combine fear with lack of knowledge or misinformation....
How frightened do you have to be,  to be so deceitful and conniving.  To be driven to that point, how scary.  I hope to never be at that point ever in my life.
I believe you must be aware of your strengths, I know my capabilities therefore I do not fear those more intelligent than me, I seek them out, to learn from them.

Eventually all of this came to me, confessions of assisting, guilty feelings overcame them...blahblahblah ...
The truth came out! Those involved  you ask, ..look at all those in positions managing, hiring, exploiting, but most of all lying to all of you!

Those to fear are those less intelligent and more conniving than yourself.  They will go to no end to cause you pain...THINK ABOUT IT...

Mind you a programmer is not a PC TECHNICIAN.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Dream of mine ...any ideas

2004 spring Dream
This dream has had me puzzled....

I'm on a ledge of big building, walking.  The  ledge's width is broad enough for me to safely face forward.  I can smell the grass, trees and flowers surrounding the building I am walking around.   It is so beautiful and I enjoy ALL the wonderful nature greeting me.   The butterflies and dragonflies are following me.  The bees buzz around me, they're happy, and I KNOW this, it is their singing.   
I look over the ledge and see the dew on the grass below, for the ledge is about 4 feet from the ground.  But I stay on the ledge walking and watching the sunrise. I come upon the tree nearest the building,  a little brown snake slithers onto my path on ledge.  It is blocking my way, I look to the tree for a branch to jump to, but instead, I see the large white and yellow snake.  It is a giant compared to the little snake, but I know it is a she...
It is sitting on the closest branches, the ones I need to escape the other snake. 
I look at both snakes and am frightened, 
for the first time in my dream..
Then I wake.....

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The time has come

The time has come for Native People to CHANGE things for OUR future generations.  Only WE can do it, TOGETHER, for OUR children, and to OUR ANCESTORS, OUR PAST.  For they did not die for NOTHING.  
Do not walk blindly into complacency, racism still affects us now, pitting us against each other in a competition called "good business".  
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