Monday, October 22, 2012

Dream of mine ...any ideas

2004 spring Dream
This dream has had me puzzled....

I'm on a ledge of big building, walking.  The  ledge's width is broad enough for me to safely face forward.  I can smell the grass, trees and flowers surrounding the building I am walking around.   It is so beautiful and I enjoy ALL the wonderful nature greeting me.   The butterflies and dragonflies are following me.  The bees buzz around me, they're happy, and I KNOW this, it is their singing.   
I look over the ledge and see the dew on the grass below, for the ledge is about 4 feet from the ground.  But I stay on the ledge walking and watching the sunrise. I come upon the tree nearest the building,  a little brown snake slithers onto my path on ledge.  It is blocking my way, I look to the tree for a branch to jump to, but instead, I see the large white and yellow snake.  It is a giant compared to the little snake, but I know it is a she...
It is sitting on the closest branches, the ones I need to escape the other snake. 
I look at both snakes and am frightened, 
for the first time in my dream..
Then I wake.....

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