Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Remember the "Dick Van Dyke" show?

For those old enough to have seen the "Dick Van Dyke" show, do you remember  the episode when he dreamt that everyone had eyes on the back of their heads?
The episode being- IT MAY LOOK LIKE A WALNUT (1963)

In a "nutshell":(pun intended)

It starts with Rob and Laura watching a late night movie, in which earth is being invaded by humanoid aliens from the planet Twylo. The aliens, look human, but have eyes under their hair.   They convert the earthlings by planting alien eggs, walnut-like objects on the humans.   Being led by Danny Thomas, the aliens plan to enslave humans, by removing their thumbs and sense of humor.

The  next day, Rob is conflicted with being watched all the time and his suspicion of Laura, giving way to the slapstick humor Dick Van Dyke is known for.   Entwining it into a series of events with the characters, revealing their unison alien effort to force Rob to convert.

Eventually Rob awoke to his wonderful fictional life, and wife who had her own nightmare...

 This episode is the most memorable, understand I was a child watching the reruns during summer vacation or Staying home on a "sick day".  
The thought that people can band together to force some one to be like them, is not unfamiliar and not limited to alien invasion.  It  is happening every where  Turn on the television, you see women and men telling people their personal style is not acceptable, interventions so to speak, converting these people to styles satisfactory to the whole.    Their uniqueness is lost, and gone, with their new found "current style".  They are but one more sheep added to the herd.   

Although some may have just seen the humor in the episode, I think it was one brick added to my wall.

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