Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rue the Day~!

 Rue the Day….

How many times can you recall when you had to apologize or admit your err to someone?  Remembering how relieving it felt once it was done is a memorable feeling.  The moving forward from that point is just as unforgettable.  So what happens when issues go unresolved and there is no closure? 

This happens more often than one would like to acknowledge.  Some people will never admit to the fault.  Naturally, our first response when confronting a mistake is to deny it or make up an excuse. No one wants to appear unintelligent or ill informed. It is a true leader who recognizes the adage "to err is human” and can demonstrate the self-confidence and integrity to admit to mistakes, thus maintaining the trust in those they lead.

For those with unresolved issues, you see them, they walk around barking orders that were already learned or a given.   They do this so much that you know they do it just to hear them selves being in control.  So really what it is then is a control issue.   Yes we all know someone, and more than likely we know many people that are like this.  Take a look, they are all around. 

No one person can be faultless, there are no perfect people.  Well maybe Mother Theresa.  For myself, when I have made a mistake that has upset an individual, often I find that a simple apology goes a long way.


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