Friday, February 10, 2012

To Beer or not to Beer

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  1. On the fence here, I do not drink, now, so I understand the desire for sobriety for everyone. But I have 7 years now, so I also know that you cannot make someone be clean and sober. They have to WANT it, and want it so bad that is supercedes the desire for drink or drugs.
    Apparently not all want it.

    Do we sit by and watch them destroy themselves?
    Will "banning" make them want it less. The answer is NO. More than likely it will do the opposite.

    Reverse Psychology?
    Much too wise from years of dysfunctional behavior. So what can be done?
    Education? Possible, but it will be a long road. There are no quick fixes here. Recognize the need for patience, and start talking.


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